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Risk Management

Risk Management(1)

Since 2006, IDOBET has offered the very latest in gaming tools to make you and your client’s wagering experience the best it can possibly be. In order to guarantee this, IDOBET is committed to providing you with a system that is as close as possible to being risk-free.

Complete Security on Every Platform

IDOBETbrings state-of-the-art tools to your business. Our risk management tools ensure you have complete security, whether it’s in a betting shop, at kiosks or terminals, or on a mobile device. Your clients can play their favorite casino and betting games from the privacy and security of their homes, or wherever they want.

Live Traders

Users can wager in complete security because your site is monitored by live traders, not by a virtual robot. Our traders check out high amounts in real-time and approve accordingly and your administrator has complete remote control over the system.

Secure Hosting and Servers

To top things off, IDOBET’s betting terminals are fully integrated with Third Party Servers to provide critical features such as risk management and marketing tools, reports, and support for mobile as well as desktop players.

Smart Ticket System

IDOBET can automatically decide to cancel a ticket using a smart algorithm and settings that are predetermined by the client. The system is highly flexible and easily customizable to meet your specific needs, thus ensuring that you always have your operations fully in hand.

As you can clearly see, risk management is one of the most important aspects of the business, and we take this issue very seriously. We invite you to further explore what the IDOBET system has to offer in this area, to your full satisfaction.