Smooth business operation requires professional services.


Remote Control(1)

With IDOBET you are always in control of every aspect and detail of your business. From anywhere, at any time, your business is fully under your supervision to ensure that the only surprises are the betting results.

Advanced Control Solutions

IDOBET enables you to keep up with every aspect of your business in real time. From cashiers to specific bets, you can always gain control and decide how your business operates. We have made the control aspects of our system as innovative, intuitive and easy to operate as possible to save you considerable time and frustration when making sure that your business is running according to your vision.

Automatic Control Tools

Not everything is manual. In fact, IDOBET ensures that you are automatically notified about the most immediate and sensitive information. From our Authorization protocols regarding deviating bets to the One Wallet and Risk Management features, we ensure that your business is completely secure and that the control over it is absolutely in your hands. Even when you are not onsite but at a remote location, you need to know that your business is running smoothly.