Smooth business operation requires professional services.


Hosting(1)When it comes to hosting services, we believe the best means business. In other words, if you truly want to maximize profit, you need a seamlessly efficient hosting service that can handle the data transfer, traffic, and maintenance and provides top-notch support services to ensure that your operations are always up and running.

System Requirements

IDOBET’s hosting service is geared to the system’s requirements in order to ensure fast, smooth uptime and operation. We provide complete support and 24/7 assistance for our hosting service so you can enjoy peace of mind about your operations. With IDOBET hosting, your business is always operational, guaranteed that your system will always be performing at its best.

Uptime and Traffic

Data transfer is probably the biggest keyword in the betting world, and as we see it – the less data transferal required, the less time it takes to perform an action and the more transactions you end up closing. To ensure this, IDOBET is proud to feature a system that is faster by far than the competition!

By eliminating all the excess information that is irrelevant to the specific betting action, we have secured minimum uptime a. You save on data transfer costs, get a faster-running system, and enjoy more business.

Third Party Servers

To top it off, IDOBET’s betting terminals are fully integrated with Third Party Servers to provide crucial features such as risk management, marketing, reports, and support for mobile as well as desktop users.