Smooth business operation requires professional services.

What We Do

IDOBET continually provides you with the very latest in gaming tools to make your clients’ betting experience as profitable as it can possibly be. We believe that with the right tools and winning features, you can easily gain and maintain control over your business operations, turnover and profits. Our cutting-edge services are an optimal choice to assist you on your path to success.


Your security is one of the most important aspects of the business. Our traders check up on high amounts in real-time and approve accordingly and your administrator has integral remote control over the system.


Each of your employees, stores and games has a dedicated wallet, managed with set limitations. Our automatic systems examine each action with real-time alerts and integral remote control by your admin.


IDOBET’s hosting service is geared to the system’s requirements in order to ensure fast, trouble-free operation and uptime. We provide complete support and 24/7 assistance for our hosting service so you can enjoy peace of mind about your operations.


Your brand, our technology – a winning combination. IDOBET’s team of professionals is at your service to ensure that your system is branded with your logo and style as well as made-to-measure adjustments wherever needed.


Controlling information is one of the strongest key-features of IDOBET. Full analyses and reports can be produced for your needs, including risk management, RTP, security data, high-quality traffic, and more.


Learning to use the IDOBET system is as intuitive and user-friendly as it gets. In just one day you can start operating your business with complete support from our dedicated customer service department.

Just a click away


Every great system requires great support, and IDOBET’s support team is here for you 24/7 to ensure that you are never left on hold or experiencing a problem with no reply. Our trained tech team continually upgrades the system according to your feedback, and we are always just one click away if you need us.

Anywhere, everywhere, anytime.


Having absolute control over your performance is a mandatory aspect of running a smooth business. IDOBET puts considerable thought and expertise into providing you with the necessary tools for comprehensive remote control over your operations so that you are always in control, at any time.