Simply elegant

How it works

Implementing IDOBET in your business is as easy as placing a bet. Since 2006, IDOBET has been optimizing its system to ensure maximum results, an intuitive experience and outstanding features. Let us show you just how easy and profitable it is to join IDOBET.

  • 01. Your brand, Our Technology

    By choosing IDOBET you’re basically opting for a pre-made yet extremely versatile white label system, ready for your branding. Once the branding process is completed, you’re all set to implement the system in your business environment.

  • 02. Implementation

    The system is flexible so it can be customized to fit a variety of business models: Retail locations & betting shops, SSBT-Self Service Betting Kiosks, POS Terminals, remote-controlled terminals, mobile devices, virtual sport gaming and more. Any type of setup is easily controlled, reliable and operational in a short time.

  • 03. Training

    Whether you are the sole operator/administrator or you have employees, agents or franchises, training to use IDOBET is intuitive and easy. It takes a few minutes to grasp the system basics and have it up and running, which ensures that the implementation-to-operation process is smooth and fast.

  • 04. Operation

    While we were thinking about operation, we wanted to be sure you get a seamless operating process that makes each second profitable. With IDOBET, uptime is incredibly fast, data transfer is minimized, and cashier shortcuts and other great features let you run your business like a walk in the park. Faster service to your end-customers means more sales per hour.

  • 05. Performance Analysis

    Every business requires accurate assessment of its performance. The IDOBET system provides you with in-depth reports, accurate analyses and fantastic support to assist you in maximizing your profitability and income.

  • 06. Margins

    Constant improvement is the key to success in this business and IDOBET system is designed to help you increase your profit margin. IDOBET not only provides the reports and analyses you need, but also gives you the easy-to-implement steps with risk management monitoring to ensure that you are always on the right track and safe side.

  • 07. Constant Control

    In each operation, IDOBET system allows you full control and access to all aspects of your business – shops, terminals, kiosks or virtual. With our risk management options, One Wallet feature, stable hosting service, and constant development – your business is secured and on its way to success.