Innovation. Technology. Control.


Your business is the most important thing for us, and our priority is making sure that you are always up-to-date, with the complete details and the most advanced control options. For that reason, IDOBET provides you with a system that features some dedicated back office management capabilities and is always updated with the most current features.

Making Sure You’re Holding the Wheel

To ensure that you control your business to the fullest, IDOBET has equipped its platform with some advanced back office management aspects, so that you can always overview, remotely control and analyze the operations of your terminals, telephone betting, mobile operations, betting shops and more. Our system ensures you with a superior level of customization, live data, and complete security and risk management solutions.

Some of the system’s features include:

  • Data analysis and reports
  • Complete remote control over your operations
  • Live risk management and fraud detection
  • OneWallet and Authorize management
  • Statistics and charts
  • And everything you might require to run your operation smoothly.

IDOBET believes that your back office options are the most important ones when it comes to actually managing your business. Therefore, we place great importance on every client request, every feature and every aspect of the back office of our system – to ensure that you have the best and most optimal solution on hand.

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